How to Shrink Your Waist And Fit Into Those Jeans

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Moves to help you lose up to 8 inches in just 6 week

From Health magazine

Shape up below the belt with these moves from Molly Fox, creator of the popular Skinny Jeans Workout class, taught at Equinox Fitness Clubs across the country. Her six-week plan will erase up to 2 inches from your hips, butt, thighs, and belly. No more too-tight jeans!

1. Squats

Stand with feet hip-distance apart and slightly turned out. Hold a 3-pound weight in each hand, arms by your sides. Lower into a squat, keeping upper body as upright as possible while reaching arms forward (as shown). Return to starting position. Do 20 reps.

Trainer Tip: In the squat, your knees should be over your second toes. To
keep knees from turning outward, tighten your inner-thigh muscles.

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