Fiber – The Most Important Ingredient for Weight Loss?

There is one simple change that can make a tremendous difference in your life. From the way you feel to the way you look, the impact of fiber on your body is all too frequently underestimated. We all know it is important, but rarely give it any consideration until we have digestive health issues and need assistance with bowel regularity. Fiber is much more than that, though. Fiber has been linked to reduced cancer risk, heart disease prevention, and a lowering of risk factors for diabetes, among other things. Fiber may also be the single most important part of a good weight loss diet plan. 

What is Fiber?

The fiber we refer to in regard to foods and diet is the parts of fruits and vegetables that our bodies do not digest. As fiber moves through our digestive system, it absorbs water, which is how it eases bowel movement.

Fiber for Weight Loss

Eating more fiber is possibly the most overlooked way to enhance weight loss or maintain a healthy weight, which is funny, because it is possibly the most simple. The positive impacts of fiber on weight loss and other health implications is strongly supported by clinical evidence, but how does fiber help us lose weight?

Fiber helps us feel more full. High fiber foods contain fewer calories and allow us to eat more. This means adding more vegetables to all meals results in feeling full and satisfied from the meal without overeating in terms of the number of calories consumed. Some fibers are also believed to expand in the stomach to help us feel more full. A high quality fiber supplement such as Skinny Fiber taken 30 minutes before a meal can help suppress the appetite and help us feel full sooner, leading to more reasonable meal sizes and reducing overeating and increasing weight loss.

Fiber keeps us regular. Fiber is best used proactively in our diets, rather than waiting for digestive issues to arise. Consuming fiber consistently leads to improved lower gut health, and therefore improved digestion and overall wellness. When our bodies are digesting our foods more effectively and regularly, the cravings begin to decline because we get more nutrients from the foods we are already consuming.

Fiber has also been linked to metabolic improvement. Increased fiber intake has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, which is thought to be due to fiber increasing the body’s ability to convert glucose to energy and lowering the absorption rate of glucose. Because of this, high fiber diets frequently lead to higher energy levels.

How to Add Fiber to Your Diet

Fiber sourcesAdding fiber is a really simple thing in theory: eat more vegetables. However, in practice, getting more vegetables (and therefore, fiber) in your diet can be a chore. Many people simply do not like most vegetables. For those that do, adding them to your diet can be inconvenient, as it requires more frequent stops at the store to keep vegetables fresh, and more prep time in the kitchen. More vegetables may mean more work, but it is well worth it.

Another way to get more fiber is through supplements. Fiber supplements you see in the commercials for bowel regularity can help, but often do not contain the high quality whole plant fibers that produce the greatest benefit. Products such as Skinny Fiber contain high quality, all natural whole plant fiber, and can be as simple as a couple pills before a big meal. A supplement should not replace eating fruits and vegetables, but it can enhance their positive impact, and maintain consistency in your diet when vegetables are inconvenient or unavailable.

FWLD Recommendation

We at always recommend adding more vegetables to one’s diet. Not only do vegetables provide valuable nutrients, but as described above, they help us feel fuller, longer, and help our bodies digest everything else we eat. However, this is not always the simplest thing to do, for the reasons above. So, we also recommend adding Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body Max to your diet to ensure fiber is consumed on a regular basis, but also because these supplements contain other all natural digestion enhancing ingredients and enzymes to ensure success from your fiber weight loss plan.

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