Earn Money Online with Weight Loss

What are the two most common issues people face in today’s world? Money and weight. When you hear people complaining, that is what you hear most frequently: “I just don’t have enough money,” or, “I really need to lose some weight.” Well, what if I told you there is an effective way to kill two birds with one stone?

This is an opportunity many people dream of: you can bring happiness and wellness to others and yourself, while also earning some extra money for your family. Win-win, right?

So, what is this opportunity to earn money online (or offline) while helping others with weight loss? The company is Skinny Body Care (SBC), and their flagship product is Skinny Fiber. SBC offers a strong line of weight management and skin care products that sell very well. People have been impressed by the results they get and how they feel using these products. On top of that, they have a powerful compensation plan that can make this a strong side source of income, or a full-time income for those that really devote their focus to it.

I am sharing this opportunity, not only because visitors to our site are interested in weight loss, but also because stress is a big obstacle to losing weight. What is the primary source of stress for most of us? Not having enough money. If we are more financially secure, our stress levels go down. This is a great opportunity to achieve that.

Who is Skinny Body Care

Ben Glinsky - Skinny Body Care

SBC Founder Ben Glinsky

Skinny Body Care is a 5-year-old debt-free company founded by Ben Glinsky. Ben is a highly successful entrepreneur and marketer who discovered an exciting opportunity within the weight loss supplement industry to offer a next generation weight loss product. He brought together top formulators in a world class manufacturing facility to create a one of a kind fiber weight loss product derived entirely from quality natural and organic raw materials.

On the back of the success of Skinny Fiber, SBC went on to expand their product line to include ageless skincare products, a more powerful version of Skinny Fiber, and Hiburn8, a product that helps you lose weight while sleeping great.

The SBC Powerline System

Skinny Body Care is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company with a unique “powerline” system. Under the powerline system, those interested are given the opportunity to pre-enroll in a free trial. There is no obligations or time limit to the trial. It gives unprecedented insight into the back office of the company, so you can see just what SBC has to offer before becoming a distributor. Pre-enrollees are placed in a line based on the order in which they sign up, so everyone that signs up after you is placed below you, giving you an opportunity to earn commissions from their sales based on your rank in the company.

Every Thursday, the powerline compresses. This means that pre-enrollees that fail to secure their position with full enrollment are moved down the powerline below those who have fully enrolled, effectively becoming potential downline for those who were below them before the compression. Enrolling in the system means you earn commission on the first three members of your powerline, even if they were not personally enrolled by you. Under this structure, the system actually helps build a team for you, meaning you will almost automatically earn around $10 a month without any effort.

SBC Powerline Rank Commissions

Powerline Commission Levels by Rank

Members advance in rank by personally enrolling (sponsoring) more members, or by completing sales of SBC products online or offline. Members can either direct clients to their personally-branded websites to enroll or buy products, or they can purchase products at bulk prices to resell in person or via other sites, such as eBay. By advancing in rank, members unlock the opportunity to earn commissions further down their powerline.

Is Skinny Body Care for Me?

Yes. Skinny Body Care is for everyone. Many MLM veterans have praised SBC because they have seen the newcomers to the MLM industry earn faster and easier in SBC than in any other program they have worked with. The powerline system means that everyone who enrolls has a team and is earning from Day 1. The innovative pre-enroll trial gives users the opportunity to really try out the back office and understand the system before they join, meaning questions get answered beforehand, members are not coming in blind and scared, and they are ready to hit the ground running from the word “go”.

With Skinny Body Care, you have nothing to lose (except weight!). The best thing you can do is to sign up for the free trial and see for yourself what SBC has to offer. Simply sign up, watch the video, and see how powerful this system is! Like I said, this opportunity solves the two biggest problems plaguing us today: money and weight, so what could be better?

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